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Shade by Xakriuth
a sheep by Xakriuth
-One character, front, back, colored. 15 USD (lineat 5 USD)

-One character, front, back, details, alternate form, colored. 20 USD (lineart 10 USD)

Line art
2011 sketch dump by Xakriuth
souless by Xakriuth
Desert Outfits by Xakriuth
Wings by Xakriuth
-Traditional line art, light/no shading, no/simple background. 5 USD

-Digital line art, full shading, no/simple background. 15 USD 

-Digital line art, light/no shading, no/simple background. 7.50 USD

-Traditional line art, full shading, no/simple background. 15 USD
Let me show you by Xakriuth
the three to bring balance by Xakriuth
(additional 5USD for extra character)
-One character, waist up, color, no/simple background. 20 USD

-One character, full body, color, no/simple background. 25 USD
Wild Ivy by Xakriuth
Celebration of the Gods by Xakriuth
Across the Sea with Love by Xakriuth
(additional 5 USD for extra characters)

-One character, full body, color, complex backgound. 30 USD



United States
Marlena here.
i love to draw and write. most everything i do is from the novel i'm working on.
i'm also the resident spaz that doesn't get sarcasm!
i love all animals and most people.
as long as you don't piss me off.
love you all

Current Residence: my mind
Favourite genre of music: alternitive rock, instramental, some death metal
Favourite cartoon character: Daren Kiyoshii. that's right! my own character!!!
Personal Quote: I rule the world... you just don't know it yet
I was going to do this a lot sooner, but I got caught up in moving. I'll do it now though because I had a lot of fun reading other's DA story. 

I joined Deviant in 2008 when I was a jr in high school. I had known about the site for a while, but my parents were rather intimidated by the thought of me being on such a big chat site. I finally convinced them not to be so worried when I showed them it as for my art. I never thought my social network would become what it is today with what I thought was just a website to show my art.

I joined before I had any means to draw on the computer, so all of my art was with pencils. Pretty much everything I drew had to do with the characters in the books I was trying to write, with the center being Daren.
Daren Kiyoshii by Xakriuth
It was later that year I was invited to join my first OCT (original character tournament). I've always loved drawing comics, but getting into OCT's really changed my life, and art life. The first one actually ended rather badly with no small amount of needless drama, but I was hooked on the concept. I decided to host my own OCT to try and get the experience without the drama, and it was wonderful.
From the shadows... by Ayjiruo
I had a really good turnout, and a wonderful ending. After that, i was hooked.
I entered many OCT's after that, and didn't get into most of them. The first OCT that I won was Dark Ascension, which I kinda entered a character as a joke. Zidane didn't fit the profile of the contest at all, but I ended up winning, so that was great. It was also the first OCT I entered with completely digitally drawn pictures. I met so many awesome people that I'm still friends with today, most notably being :iconrattledmachine:
zidane reference by Xakriuth
The next contest I joined was Eternity Gate, which I scored second place in. 
I was quickly realizing that however OCT's were great, they seriously took a lot of time. It was all worth it for everything that I learned in them, but as I got busier, it was getting harder to really commit myself to them. It was then that my sister showed me a rp group :icontalesofdevotia: I wasn't active at first, and I ended up scrapping my first character, and my second was in limbo for half a year, but after I met :iconkosumosu: and :iconsilver-dragonetsu: I became way more active and met some of my best friends there.
Jayne Vexon by Xakriuth
Around that time, I entered the most recent OCT that I just completed. Challenge of the Gods. I wasn't very good at drawing animals, so it started out with me just forcing myself to join so I would be forced to draw animals. It turned into so much more, and it was the best OCT I've been in. I won many of my rounds by default, unfortunately, but it wasn't winning that mattered to me, it was the things i learned as I progressed and the friends I made. 
Regan and Daren by Xakriuth
My art style has changed a lot since I joined DA, and now most of my art is digital, but I still do many traditional sketches. My fan art has almost completely died, but my oc's are becoming more developed and the world I've been developing is really coming together. 

I love Deviant. Its where I've met some of my best friends, and its really encouraged me to progress my art. I'm really excited to continue doing my thing, and continue to progress. A few years ago, I would have never thought my art could be what it is today, and I will never stop striving to be better.
Sunset Wedding by Xakriuth

That is all....
because baby Xak says so ^_^

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