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Sebastian-- VDM by Xakriuth Sebastian-- VDM :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 3 9 Sketch Dump by Xakriuth Sketch Dump :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 2 2 Auction: Peaceful (closed) by Xakriuth Auction: Peaceful (closed) :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 11 3 Shikamni Custom: Dread by Xakriuth Shikamni Custom: Dread :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 5 2 Companion Gypsy by Xakriuth Companion Gypsy :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 6 2 AUCTION: Stressed (closed) by Xakriuth AUCTION: Stressed (closed) :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 23 13 AUCTION: Companionship (closed) by Xakriuth AUCTION: Companionship (closed) :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 12 6 AUCTION: Tranquil (closed) by Xakriuth AUCTION: Tranquil (closed) :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 10 5 AUCTION: Spirited (closed) by Xakriuth AUCTION: Spirited (closed) :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 13 4 Shikamni: Loneliness by Xakriuth Shikamni: Loneliness :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 4 1 Shikamni: Sadness by Xakriuth Shikamni: Sadness :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 2 3 Shikamni Customs by Xakriuth Shikamni Customs :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 3 5 Colors of Darkness: Hope by Xakriuth Colors of Darkness: Hope :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 4 5 Colors of Darkness: Depression by Xakriuth Colors of Darkness: Depression :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 4 0 Colors of Darkness: Guilt by Xakriuth Colors of Darkness: Guilt :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 7 0 Colors of Darkness: Barginning by Xakriuth Colors of Darkness: Barginning :iconxakriuth:Xakriuth 4 0
look at it's awesome!
look at it!!


Advent Event Freebie Half Sketches by silver-dragonetsu Advent Event Freebie Half Sketches :iconsilver-dragonetsu:silver-dragonetsu 8 6 Rakki MYO: Pearl of the Sea by silver-dragonetsu Rakki MYO: Pearl of the Sea :iconsilver-dragonetsu:silver-dragonetsu 4 4
Rakki MYO Event!
:skyblue-orb: Ultrablue Orb EVENT WILL LAST UNTIL OCTOBER 30Ultrablue Orb :skyblue-orb:   
Hello everyone! :'D
Just here to announce that :iconrakki-universe: is about to become 1 year old!
And for that I want to host a special event that will go in hand with the changes/updates that I will be bringing on to this species in the next couple of months, several things will change and be added as well as will probably be more interactive and ARPG like in hopes to be more fun~
Also actually update the group itself and actually decorate the front page so it won't be as plain as it is now xd
Again, a lot of things to do xd
So keep an eye out for this!
And so, to the actual event:
Rules for entering:
-You must join the group :iconrakki-universe:
- You may only submit one entry.
-You may only use common and one uncommon
:iconsweetmint9:SweetMint9 14 33
Advent Event Chibi Freebies by silver-dragonetsu Advent Event Chibi Freebies :iconsilver-dragonetsu:silver-dragonetsu 10 7 mask of the old world commission 11 by Epic-Soldier mask of the old world commission 11 :iconepic-soldier:Epic-Soldier 264 4 Taum Mama Challenge: Casual by Happy-sorry Taum Mama Challenge: Casual :iconhappy-sorry:Happy-sorry 190 337 Tiger Lily ABA by silver-dragonetsu Tiger Lily ABA :iconsilver-dragonetsu:silver-dragonetsu 12 14 GA: Skaluuk Auction [CLOSED] by silver-dragonetsu GA: Skaluuk Auction [CLOSED] :iconsilver-dragonetsu:silver-dragonetsu 10 11 DApp: Beep Beep Like A Sheep by fuegokid DApp: Beep Beep Like A Sheep :iconfuegokid:fuegokid 6 13 How I draw Comic Wings by Lizkay How I draw Comic Wings :iconlizkay:Lizkay 350 11
Edit: We are now closed for judging, any made after the deadline will not count. We will be able to announce winners this Friday/Saturday! Please bear with us and thank you so much for entering! -Seth and Simo
since we have so many members and, to celebrate and just give of a nice thank we made up a big MYO EVENT!!!!
please make sure to read everything carefully thank u!!! if any questions please ask!!IMPORTANT NOTES!!!!
by creating a JR and joining the contest you are agreeing to the group T.O.S along with the RULES!!!! the trade cool-down is for 30 days!
the winners will be picked by quality of design!!!! judges will be PlXlEDUST and me/Simonetry!!! wish u luck at u all!!!
jrs are a closed species by Simonetry and PlXlEDUST!!!!

:iconjolleraptors:JolleRaptors 533 1,811
Custom Rakki: White Cherry Blossom by SweetMint9 Custom Rakki: White Cherry Blossom :iconsweetmint9:SweetMint9 9 5
Art Contest ~ $25USD First Place Prize!

I'm fighting with my computer and slow internet right now, so I apologise for posting results on the original contest entry. _._;;
Anyways, in the end I ended up having a tie between second place winners so both artist/entries will get $15USD! :)
Thank you to all those who entered, I loved seeing what everyone ended up coming up with, and I really wish I could of awarded more prizes.
Maybe another time, when I have the means/time to hold a bigger contest...


JaycaChan & yuukiartda


Aryia-Tskaha & nuttycoon
Honourable mentions will get 400:poin
:iconbaark:baark 28 76
This world of mine... by silver-dragonetsu This world of mine... :iconsilver-dragonetsu:silver-dragonetsu 11 6 Cutie Nightmares everywhere by Thildou-chan Cutie Nightmares everywhere :iconthildou-chan:Thildou-chan 15 22


-One character, front, back, colored. 15 USD (lineat 5 USD)

-One character, front, back, details, alternate form, colored. 20 USD (lineart 10 USD)

Line art
-Traditional line art, light/no shading, no/simple background. 10
-Digital line art, full shading, no/simple background. 20 USD 

-Digital line art, light/no shading, no/simple background. 12 USD

-Traditional line art, full shading, no/simple background. 20 USD
(additional 5USD for extra character)
-One character, waist up, color, no/simple background. 25 USD

-One character, full body, color, no/simple background. 30 USD
(additional 5 USD for extra characters)

-One character, full body, color, complex backgound. 40 USD


I probably should have said something sooner, but kinda dropped the ball. As most of you have noticed, I have been incredibly inactive this last year, and it's because of lots of different life problems. I'm not going to rant about it or look for any kind of pity, but in the past few months, it has gotten horribly bad. A lot of different aspects of my life have been suffering because of this. Drawing has been one of the big ones. I know I owe quite a few people commissions, and I swear to you, they will get done. Thank you so much for your patience, and please, just give me a bit more as I get through this difficult part in my life.

Thanks for watching


United States
Marlena here.
i love to draw and write. most everything i do is from the novel i'm working on.
i'm also the resident spaz that doesn't get sarcasm!
i love all animals and most people.
as long as you don't piss me off.
love you all

Current Residence: my mind
Favourite genre of music: alternitive rock, instramental, some death metal
Favourite cartoon character: Daren Kiyoshii. that's right! my own character!!!
Personal Quote: I rule the world... you just don't know it yet



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baark Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ilu ♥
Xakriuth Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017
hey bby! It's been so long! I was afraid you weren't on DA anymore. How have you been?
baark Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't logged on in ages, actually!  I need to bug you on skype/msn sometime though! :) Or if you wanted to exchange phone numbers so we can text, drop me a note! ♥ I miss my sheep buddy.  Hope mini-Xaki's doing well!
Xakriuth Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
aha I'm on skype like... literally all the time. you can bother me at any time!
And mini xaki is doing great. Not only that, but we got another addition to the sheep family!
CynicalRaven Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017
You!  Yes you there.

Look at you
Look at me 
Look at you
Look at me wishing you a good birthday
Look at you looking at me wishomg thee a good birthday
So wishing thee a grand birthday and all that good melarky.

Yes I have lost the plot.
Xakriuth Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017
Thank you so much fo the birthday wishes! It was a great weekend ^_^
CynicalRaven Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
I be on your wall going

'Greetings and what up you awesome type person you?'
Xakriuth Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
Oh look, a new wall decoration XD

Things are kinda the same as normal. Not a lot of activity from me on here because of all the RL things @_@
CynicalRaven Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
Oh that real life and the things that it brings.
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